Jewellery Care

At LynnSaysM, we offer both 18K and 18K Gold Plated settings. Our plated settings are complimentary and they consider of 8-10 layers of gold plating atop 925 silver which is suitable for everyday wear. 

A polishing cloth is provided with every purchase as part of your care package.

What does 18K Gold Vs 18K Gold Plated Mean?

The lower the karats in the stronger the metal will be. The most common karat used in jewelry and generally the most sought after is 18k gold. This means that 18 out of 24 (3/4) parts of the piece is pure gold, a relatively high number.

18K gold plated Jewelry is not made of gold but base metal or silver applied with a layer of 18K gold by chemical or electrochemical plating. It is a very popular way to make jewelry with a gold richness color, based on its excellence in hardness and reasonable price, 18K gold plated jewelry becomes competitive in today’s jewelry market and very desirable and pleasant to wear.

18K Gold Jewelry

75% Gold +25% Alloy
Durability: High

LynnSaysM 18K Gold Plated
18K Gold Plated on Surface of Copper, Steel, 925 Silver.
Durability: Medium and dependent on care

Can I wear 18K gold plated to shower or exercise?

As platings will wear off , care is still required to preserve the longevity of the product. Perfume is an absolute no-no.  Corrosive elements like chlorine in swimming pool can also lead to faster wear down. 

Will 18K plating tarnish?

Over time, yes. Any items that have been plated will tarnish over time to expose the metal or alloy underneath. While it might be tempting to think of choosing a higher value of gold plating means it won’t tarnish, but that’s not the case.

While it won’t happen immediately, your 18k gold plated jewelry will tarnish. The issue with the tarnishing has nothing to do with the gold but rather the base metal.

Tips to extend the longevity of your complimentary 18K gold plated settings?

You dont have to follow all of them, but it is good to adopt some of them!

– Keep your jewelry away from chemicals (soap, cleaners, and detergents included), lotions, oils, and makeup. Only wear the item once you finish applying anything to your skin, and have given an allowance of drying time

– Handle your jewelry with clean hands to avoid a transfer of dirt, debris, or dust, which reduces the luster.

– When you’re entering any water body, take off your accessories. Chlorine and saltwater accelerate the tarnishing process.

– Minimise your contact to sweat

– Clean your gold plated jewelry regularly with a combination of mild soap and warm water. Use a soft cloth or our complimentary polishing cloth to dry.

– Store your jewelry separately to prevent scratching other jewelry