Our Philosophy

LynnSaysM is bounded to the philosophy of "Meraki" - where you put "something of yourself into what you're doing,whatever it may be."

Through each moissanite piece, we sincerely hope that they bring you love, joy & happiness.

Our History

Started in 2020 as a humble instagram store, LynnSaysM has grown into a boutique brand for bringing affordable and pocket friendly moissanites.

Unfortunately in 2022, the original @LynnSaysM instagram account has been hacked by scammers and Instagram was ignorant to our consistent requests and reports to regain access back to the account.

@LynnSaysM.Official will be the only official account, and the mark of new beginnings in the journey to rebuild of a trusted brand which has been well loved and supported in the past 2 years.


Hi, I am Lynn!

LynnSaysM.Official, kickstarted after I decided to get one moissanite ring, then another, and another, which spun into an obsession with the rainbowy sparkles which moissanites are known for.

Based in Singapore, I work with an a wonderful international team of jewellers and crafters to introduce the beauty of quality certified and graded moissanite for you to create your own jewellery in pocket friendly prices!

I am on ig live sale every Thursday, so chat with you then!