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Bracelet | Royal Tanzanite Blue Moissanite

Bracelet | Royal Tanzanite Blue Moissanite

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Managed to pick up this beauty in one of my sourcing specials, and it could only be secured with a 18K gold order, so I decided to put this into a bracelet. The choice of rose gold was to have the bracelet look like it is blending with your skin tone, and the gem to stand out on its own.

The colour tone is a mix of blues and purples. At certain angles it offers a lavender tone, and a royal blue tone interchangeably. This is an extremely rare find, and my one and only piece.

2 Carat Royal Tanzanite Blue
18K solid rose gold - Simple chain design
16cm + 3 cm
Gold certs and moissanite certs available.

For those who are planning to request for sourcing of this piece, please note that no sourcing request will be available for this gem as it is too rare to find. 



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