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Earrings | Stellar Drops in 1 Carat

Earrings | Stellar Drops in 1 Carat

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Stellar Series - Stellar Drops

2 X 1 Carat per side
Colourless Moissanites
Total Carat Count: 2 Carat 
Setting: 18K white gold plated with side gems


In 2024, we are blessed with meteor showers and super moons, a treat definitely not to be missed.  Moissanite are first discovered found inside of a meteorite crater in 1893 by Noble Prize winning French scientist Henri Moissan. 

The Stellar Series is aptly names as these series of designs celebrate those gorgeous sparkly meteor showers where moissanite originates from. 

Available in both 1 carat and 0.5 carat, these series come in all shapes and sizes!
Whether it is hooks, studs or hoops - I am sure you can find something you like!



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